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Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 08-28-01

1) Everclear "Rock Star"
2) Steel Dragon "Livin' The Life"
3) Motley Crue "Wild Side"
4) Steel Dragon "We All Die Young"
5) Steel Dragon "Blood Pollution"
6) Bon Jovi "Livin' On A Prayer"
7) Steel Dragon "Stand Up"

8) Ted Nugent "Stranglehold"
9) Steel Dragon "Wasted Generation"
10) Kiss "Lick It Up"
11) Steel Dragon "Long Live Rock & Roll"
12) INXS "Devil Inside"
13) Verve Pipe "Colorful"
14) Trevor Rabin "Gotta Have It"

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 7 /PRNewswire/ -- It was announced today that Posthuman/Priority Records will release the soundtrack to the much anticipated film "Rock Star," which stars Mark Wahlberg ("Planet Of The Apes," "The Perfect Storm," "Three Kings") as a young musician whose life is changed forever when he is chosen to replace the lead singer of his all-time favorite band, Steel Dragon. Jennifer Aniston (of "Friends" fame) stars as his girlfriend and manager. The soundtrack will be in stores on August 28th. The film opens nationwide on September 7.

The "Rock Star" soundtrack captures the 1980's metal hey day with songs from classic rockers like Motley Crue, Bon Jovi and Kiss, but what is most surprising about the album are the five original tracks by the fictitious band who star in the movie (with Wahlberg as lead singer): Steel Dragon.

Steel Dragon is a band that was assembled specifically for "Rock Star." Comprised of longtime Ozzy Osbourne/Black Label Society guitarist Zakk Wylde, Bonham leader and son of the late great Zeppelin drummer, Jason Bonham on drums, Dokken bassist Jeff Pilson, Black Label Society's Nick Catonese on guitar, Yngwie Malmstein vocalist Jeff Scott Soto and Mike Matijevic who fronted the 80's band Steel Heart on vocals as well.

The Steel Dragon tracks, which perfectly represent the 1985 hard rock scene in which the movie is set, were written by a variety of musicians, including Sammy Hagar ("Stand Up") and Marilyn Manson bassist, Twiggy Ramirez ("Blood Pollution").

A track from Everclear, appropriately titled "Rock Star," will be the first single and video. Songs from INXS, Verve Pipe and some score selections from Trevor Rabin round out the soundtrack. All of the Steel Dragon tracks were produced by longtime Crue producer Tom Werman. A complete track listing is attached.

The movie also includes on camera appearances from Verve Pipe's Brian Vander Ark and Slaughter drummer Blas Elias in the Steel Dragon tribute band Blood Pollution. Finally Stephan Jenkins from Third Eye Blind plays Blood Pollution's replacement lead singer, after the departure of Wahlberg.

As anyone who has ever been to a big rock concert will attest, the rock arena scenes in the movie are absolutely authentic. "In the various films about rock and roll I've seen over the years, invariably there are actors portraying musicians," explains "Rock Star" director Stephen Herek. "There always seems to be a certain edge and validity that's missing from their performances."

Wahlberg's musical background, coupled with Wylde, Pilson, Bonham and actor Dominic West, give Steel Dragon the chops needed to pull off a too-much-metal-for-one-hand arena rock assault in the film's numerous live concert scenes.

The role, of course, wasn't a stretch for any of the musicians. "I've essentially been doing research for this movie for twenty years," jokes Jeff Pilson of his years on the road as bass player for Dokken and Dio. "And one of the best parts about doing this movie was Steve's openness about getting input from us." "My character in the movie was just this guy who likes drinking beer and pretty much doesn't like anybody in the band and just likes shooting guns," Wylde says. "As far as I'm concerned, I got the coolest character in the movie. "For heavy metal fans, the realness of both soundtrack and the film make "Rock Star," a must listen, must see.

**** L.A. ALIVE! ****by Clay Marshall-
Heavy metal went Hollywood on May 13, 2000, as the L.A. Sports Arena played host to an evening that was half musical and half cinematic.Before a crowd said to top 4,000, the WB film "Rock God" (the artist previously known as "Metal God"), inspired by the ascension of RipperOwens from tribute band anonymity to Judas Priest glory, shot multiple concert scenes for the film. To get people to show up, though, the studio put up enough money to organize an essentially free concert featuring Megadeth, W.A.S.P., Great White, and costumed cover band Metal Shop.Megadeth, billed only as "Vic and the Rattleheads" for fear of cannibalizing their summer Maximum Rock 2000 area appearances, was clearly the draw for the majority of the crowd, which had considerably dwindled by the time the band took the stage nearly two hours late thanks to technical problems and delays in filming. The most memorable moments of the night came during the filming of the "Rock God" concert scenes. "Marky" Mark Wahlberg, plays theRipper-inspired character, a tribute band vocalist tapped to join alegendary metal band called Steel Dragon after the group's vocalistcalls it quits. The band is comprised of drummer Jason Bonham, bassistJeff Pilson (Dokken), and guitarist Zakk Wylde; the music for the mid-'80s-set film is largely written by Wylde, and is definitely an authentic representation of the era. (Think Motley Crue with balls--high vocals over peppy, though edgy, riffs and rhythms.) Six different songs were filmed, the first of which was "Blood Pollution," the name of the tribute band in which Wahlberg pays his dues. From there, a somewhat ballady number was "performed," but the other four, like"Blood Pollution," gave the "extras" in attendance plenty of opportunities to pump their fists. (Titles, as best I could tell,included "Wasted Generation" and "Stand Up And Shout.")The Sports Arena--the now rarely used former home of the NBA'sClippers--was decked out in full-on arena metal mode, with a massive stage set featuring three huge circular steel lighting rigs, a giant spiral staircase, two fog-spewing pseudo-volcanoes, lasers, pyro, and plenty of Marshall amps. The first scene filmed (spoiler alert) served as Wahlberg's debut performance with Steel Dragon, and humorously, as he descends the staircase during the opening of "Blood Pollution," he falls and busts open his head, only to dust himself off and commendably finish the show.

Another scene in the movie apparently sees Steel Dragon's two vocalists come together in a display of metal brotherhood, emphasizing the film's "follow your dreams" underlying theme.It was hysterical witnessing Wahlberg clad in a long-haired wig and black leather, as it was seeing the charmingly tough Wylde in a 15-year time warp, with teased hair and leather bellbottoms. At onepoint, during a delay in filming, he dazzled the crowd with a guitarsolo, including generous doses of Eddie Van Halen's "Eruption," andthen took the mic to deliver some of his patented wisdom (EddieVedder, for example, is a "pussy-ass cunt"...or was it "cunt-asspussy"?). C.C. DeVille also provided plenty of amusement as the evening's emcee, fawning over scantily clad "metal babe" contest participants while shamelessly hawking his new Samantha 7 project. But all in all, although one wished for better organized and less rushedmusical performances, it was an undeniably fun night of celebratingmetal's decades of decadence.
Ricky "BADASS" Bell aka Brian Vander Ark
ROCK STAR- the first review!

4 Apr 2001
Everyone loves sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll, so it was only a matter of time before a feature film captured all three in a musical era where they were perhaps most prevalent. OK, so the flower power of the Sixties best fits that description. But Eighties metal isn't far behind. And with the genre having undergone a nostalgic renaissance in America in recent years via summer package tours, music video programs and compilation albums, the timing could not have been better to immortalise on screen all things hair, leather and spandex.Rock Star (formerly known as Metal God) does that and more, endearingly - and quite humorously - recreating the excesses of the genre. Although the film won't be released in America until September, it was screened for prominent members of the Los Angeles metal community yesterday (3 April), presumably to start the proverbial word-of-mouth buzz.
Most metalheads know that Rock Star is loosely based on the ascension of current Judas Priest frontman Ripper Owens from tribute band obscurity to rock star glory, with Mark Wahlberg taking the starring role. Although he's an accomplished actor with credits that include Boogie Nightsand Three
Kings, some have raised eyebrows at the casting of the one-time rapper in a metal movie. But Wahlberg is the film's most pleasant surprise, as he convincingly and charmingly portrays an aspiring rock singer who scores - and nails - an audition with his heroes, Steel Dragon, after the group sees a videotape of him performing in a tribute band. Though it's somewhat disguised by mounds of makeup and hoards of hair, Rock Star is a love story at heart, showing



how fame and fortune - and groupies - can get in the way of romance, with sitcom star Jennifer Aniston portraying Wahlberg's girlfriend/manager. But rock fans will care more about some of the film's other stars, as a slew of musicians, including Jason Bonham, Slaughter 's Blas Elias and Dokken's Jeff Pilson appear as members of Wahlberg's various bands. Best cast, though, is Zakk Wylde, hysterical as a monosyllabic, but still foul-mouthed, guitarist with a penchant for hunting and drinking. (Big stretch, we're sure.) Several of the LA attendees also got a kick out of a hilarious cameo by local tribute band king Ralph Saenz, known in the TV commercial world as the leader of Danger Kitty.
There undoubtedly will be griping about the inaccuracy of the film's soundtrack, as Rock Star is set in 1985 and 1986, yet it contains songs from before (Kiss' Lick It Up) and after (Def Leppard's Let's Get Rocked) that period. British viewers will also likely shake their heads at American actors trying to master an accent that's apparently quite foreign (although it makes for a classic scene when Wahlberg tries to perfect it). And while its ending doesn't quite match up with the story that inspired it, the film as a whole paints an engaging and always entertaining portrait of the cult of metal when it was at its commercial peak. Several veterans of the era - including Metal Edge Gerri Miller, RIP's Lonn Friend and Headbanger's Ball host Riki Rachtman - were in attendance, as was Motorhead's Lemmy (the first in line at the open bar after the film ended). But most interesting was what Halford guitarist Pat Lachman said the real Metal God would think of the movie: "He'd laugh his ass off!"

Clay Marshall
"Rock Star," the movie starring Mark Wahlberg as a salesman-turned-rock star, has been given an April 13 release date, and a soundtrack dominated by 
Wahlberg's fictional band, Steel Dragon, will hit stores on April 3. 

Sources close to the production, which was shooting with the working title of "Metal God," say musicians making cameo appearances will include Colleen Fitzpatrick, a.k.a. Vitamin C, playing a fan, and Sean Kinney and Mike Inez of Alice in Chains appearing as members of a fictional Seattle band - not much of a stretch! 

Sharp-eyed fans will also spot Myles Kennedy of the Mayfield Four and Chris Hower of Radford in the film, directed by Stephen Herek. 

 Wahlberg's character is styled after Tim "Ripper" Owens, who fronted a Judas Priest cover band 

before being tapped to become the new lead singer of the actual group. 

Wahlberg, fans may recall, used to perform under the handle Marky Mark with his group the Funky Bunch, while his brother Donnie was a
member of New Kids on the Block.

Steel Dragon features Dokken's Jeff Pilson on bass, Jason Bonham on drums and Zakk Wylde on guitar. The tribute band that gives Wahlberg his start, called Blood Pollution, includes the Verve Pipe's Brian Vander Ark, Slaughter's Blas Elias and Zakk Wylde bandmate Nick Catanese. 

Stephan Jenkins of Third Eye Blind also has a small role in the film as the lead singer of a rival cover group. Jennifer Aniston plays Wahlberg's girlfriend.

The title "Metal God" was axed in favor of "Rock Star" to take the film out of the restrictive heavy metal niche and into a wider, more accessible rock genre, a Warner Bros. spokesperson said. Contrary to published reports, the spokesperson said, the switch was not spurred by a complaint from ex-Priest singer Rob Halford, who uses the "metal god" nickname. 

The soundtrack will feature Steel Dragon performing a half-dozen songs written for the movie by such artists as Jay and Jeremy Popoff (Lit), Twiggy Ramirez (Marilyn Manson), Peter Beckett (Survivor, Little River Band), Steve Plunkett (Autograph), Sammy Hagar, Desmond Child and Richie Blackmore.  Additional tracks for the disc are pending. 

The album and film will also feature a new song from the Verve Pipe as well as popular '80s songs by the likes of Bon Jovi, Motley and Kiss. 

Sorelle Saidman 


Rock Star poster, August 14, 2000

December 4, 2000 Excerpt from Jeff Pilson interview with 
(about metal god/rockstar) 

JP: Yes. Basically, it is a movie that is loosely based on Ripper Owens, who is the singer of (Judas) Priest. The whole rags to riches thing. And in the movie, Mark Wahlberg plays the singer in a tribute band to the band Steel Dragon. And in Steel Dragon the singer leaves. And they get the singer from the cover band to sing with them. And I am in the original band, Steel Dragon with Zakk Wylde, and Jason Bonham. And they are trying to make it seem like a real band. Which is very cool. That is why they got real musicians to play in the movie.And in the tribute band is Blas Elias from Slaughter, and Brian Vander Ark from the Verve Pipe on bass, and Mark Wahlberg singing.           <<<<

The movie has us getting hair extensions and coloring. I was fitted for them yesterday. And will have them done this Wednesday. Right now Mike Matijevic form Steel Heart is actually doing the singing for Steel Dragon. And then Mark Wahlberg is just lip sinking when he is on screen. And Jennifer Anniston is in the movie as Mark's girlfriend. 

KNAC.COM: So it sounds like they were trying to put together a real stellar band to make some great music for this.

JP: That is exactly what they are trying to do. It is an interesting movie. It is a period movie. The music has a heavy edge, like a Black Sabbath feeling to the music. So it is very cool playing with Zakk, he is playing on fire on this. He is great. Some of it is heavy, and some of it is more turned down, '80s-ish sounding.      >>>>

KNAC.COM: You know what's going to happen, they are going to make a Monkey's thing out of you guys. You guys will be a movie band. And you guys may go do some shows. Imagine that, the record does well, and you go play some shows together. And as long as there is one in Boston I am happy.

JP: Yes, (laughter). That would be funny. It is not an unreasonable thing to may be happen. 

KNAC.COM: How did you get involved with this in the first place.                                                <<<<

JP: Our manager Rick Sales got me involved. He is in with the music
people. Originally it was going to be Dokken on some of the music. But we had a hard time getting Reb in town in time for the demos. We missed the deadlines. So it never happened. And Tom Werman is the producer. He did out Tooth And Nail record. He wanted me to get involved. They asked me to read for the part, and I did. And I got the part. It was real exciting.  honestly did not think I was going to get the part. I am not an actor. But the director, Stephen Herek, called me back. He did Mr. Holland's Opus. Fabulous director Then Tom wanted me to come down to rehearsals to work with the band. And at least did the bass playing in the band. Even if they got an actor fill-in the movie. But then they came down to the studio, I liked what he saw, and offered me the job to act in the movie too. 

3/27/00 Los Angeles, CA. 
Photos by Jason Kirk © Online USA, Inc.


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02 Sept. 00
Our Exclusive Promo Posters!!!

They toned down the part a little bit so that I would be able to play the part because, again, I am not an actor. And I think it was very cool for them to do this just to accommodate me into the part. And then Tom asked me to kind of organize the cover band too. So I am kind of acting as the musical director to the entire move. It really is a wonderful experience. So I am acting in the movie, playing the music, directing the music, and getting hair extensions. (Laughs) 

KNAC.COM: Is their going to be a VH1 Behind The Music? It would be great publicity for the band. 

JP: We are pushing for it. I think VH1 is still going back and forth on it. It would be great publicity, and that is why we are pushing for it. We would love to do it. We have no green light yet. But one thing I am hopping that this movie will do is help bring out some notoriety for Dokken. VH1 is definitely doing a special on the movie. And in that special they will have a blurb about what Zakk is up to, what Jason is doing, and then a piece on me and my work with Dokken. So, that will definitely help bring some exposure to Dokken. That may help some fans of ours from before realize that we are still around now. Only they were unaware of it. And maybe they will go get the new CD and realize that hey, we still kick some but. I am hopping that will be a bi-product of the movie. Some national exposure would be great. 

Steel Dragons
The fictional band Mark Wahlberg leads in this biopic of Judas Priest's "Ripper" Owens.
Also in the pic are Blas from the band 'Slaughter', Nick from 'Black Label Society', and actor Timothy Olyphant ("Go", "Scream 2").  Guess which  Verve Pipe member is on the far right?
June 20, 2000
Seems ex-Judas Priest singer Rob Halford owns the name "Metal God" and rightfully so- he composed this heavy classic back in 1981.  Since he is no longer in Judas Priest he forbid the movie producers from using his song title for the movie name.  Hence the necessitiy to change it to the more wordy (but far more suitable) "So You Wanna Be A Rock Star".

Even though we were used to the pre-production title we will now have to get used to the new name prior to the unveiling to the general public for the Spring release.                -Ed McArdle, August 13, 2000

In October, 2000, the name was changed again to "Rock Star".  "Rock Star" it is...

Metal God extra speaks about his experience:  I worked seven days on it as an extra-- a random longhair in some concert scenes, mostly -- and I thought it was a  lot of fun. (It's work, and you have to be serious about it, but I still thought it was a blast.) The various principle actors seemed to all be enjoying themselves making the movie; I saw a lot of good-natured joking around between takes.

Mr.Wahlberg himself seemed to me to be a down-to-earth, good hearted human being, and a professional. What I saw of  the movie overall, suggested the producers were catching the whole Heavy  Metal concert-going subculture thing pretty well. (I thought, as a person  that had attended a number of real 1980's metal concerts.) The music they  wrote for the show was just great headbanging stuff. ("Steel Dragon rocks!")

The guest musicians worked hard to keep us all pumped up, and banging our heads. Zakk Wylde was a crack-up between takes; he once told some cardboard cut-out people way in the deep background area to liven up when he played. I hate to admit it, but I'll probably end up buying the soundtrack when it's out, even after hearing the same few songs over and over for days. ;-)  All in all, it's a movie I don't plan to miss. I hope it does well at the box office, and I'm glad I got to work on it.--Ward Shrake July 10, 2000

On the Set of Metal God--June 2000

    This past May, I was given a chance to participate in a lifestyle I have only been able to observe most of my life.  It was a controlled, professional environment, to be sure--but it was still an early '80s, heavy metal concert setting.  I was in the middle of what was a far-off world when I was first introduced to it at at age seven: short skirts, high heels, big hair, lots of make-up, ripped jeans, loud music...

    The collective on-set experience with Metal God was defined by call times, hair and wardrobe checks, long days of being moved around the L.A. Sports Arena, listening to the same tracks, and repeating the same actions ("Big energy, background!") countless times throughout the day.  Every background artist endured the same woes, in that aspect; every break in the action was a good time to get in a cat nap, or run off to the restroom, or grab a snack.  Cigarette breaks were almost sacred, and lunch was never long enough.
    But my own on-set experience with this movie goes very far beyond the early call times and the pain in my toes from wearing new high heels.  There was so much going on that I could ignore the pettiness of the extras gossiping about each other (and occasionally the actors).  There were so many different people there that when I wasn't putting forth energy for a shot, I was sitting back and enjoying the smorgasbord of things to observe.  I met a lot of people, and made some new friends.
    The band in the movie, Steel Dragon, is comprised of three rockers: Zakk Wylde (Ozzy Osbourne), Jeff Pilson (Dokken), and Jason Bonham (son of former Led Zeppelin drummer Jon Bonham).  It is rounded out by two English actors and Mark Wahlberg.  (Jason Fleyming plays Bobby Beers, the original singer; Dominic West is the rhythm giutarist; and Mark plays Bobby's replacement).  I was like a kid in a candy store.  Not only was I surrounded by all the elements of the life I've always been too young for, I was in the company of some very talented and good-looking men.
    And due to the fact that I was positioned at the front rail (directly at the front of the stage) during the scene in which Wahlberg's character hauls out a fire hose and soaks a selected section of the Steel Dragon audience, I can now tell my friends (with an explanation, of course), that Mark Wahlberg got me wet.  It's those little details that make it so fun and personal...
    I also met a couple of musicians who were once practically idols in my little world.  Blas Elias (Slaughter) plays the drummer in the Steel Dragon tribute band; C.C. Deville (Poison) played m.c. the night of the charity concert.  I was aware that Brian Vander Ark was around, but was never fortunate enough to meet him.  But along with all of that, I had an excuse to dress up and wear too much make-up, as well as a chance to once again enjoy the music I grew up listening to.
    Metal God was not work.  It was like being in high school all over again, and my last day there was kind of like the point in the graduation ceremony where I wondered: What now?  Nothing I do from here on out is going to be more fun or more personally challenging/rewarding than this was.  If I know nothing else now, though, I know the '80s are not dead and gone..."For those about to rock, we salute you." (AC/DC) --Leigh Lucero
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