6 years ago today....

Who woulda thunk it? But examine the link on my webpage to the photo
from the Radisson Kalamazoo bar Sept. 27, 1997 on the final weekend of
the US "Villains" tour.


"Bachelor Bob" was then simply known as Bobby G.- the singer for up &
coming Michigan Music band FAT AMY. A few of the "old time" TVP
fanatics, Donny Brown & I were having a great time following the show.
The girls were in abundance since a ladies man was present (and it sure
wasn't me)!!!!

I was there for the music (of course) and still can't fathom this
"ga-ga" reaction of ALL the ladies in the year 2003 (17 million viewers
of ABC's hit show) but am sure happy for Bobby's success and fame. Fat
Amy and The Verve Pipe live on!

A rather cool connection to The Verve Pipe in one of the moment's
hottest TV shows! Just wanted to share...

Such is life...and it goes on!


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